Our Mission

Growing up, my mother told me tales of the people known as Spiritualists. She told me that these people thought they have the ability to speak with spirits outside of their body, and let them talk through them. And she told me that this belief was a lie, a delusion, and an illness. Today, she runs a movement, to help Spiritualists recover. She believes in her mission, and I believe in her intentions, but I also feel that she’s blinded by her past experiences with Spiritualists. I believe she has a bias. 

She has left me, her daughter, in charge of overseeing the group of Spiritualists in treatment called Sector 7. Here, in this sector, I want to conduct an experiment to test the validity of my mother’s claims. While the other Sectors of Atsolin Incorperated are required to be cute off from the rest of the world for containment during treatment, I want to open a line of communication with mine. I want to create a space where my patients, and others outside of this organization can have open and honest conversation about what is happening to them and what is happening here at Sector 7. 

I believe that the more voices, the more representation, the more opinions we garner here, the more true and holistic our healing can be for our patients. In working alongside them the last month or so, if there’s anything that’s clear to me, it is that these people are indeed talking to some sort of other entity. I just can’t pinpoint what or where from. On top of that, I do believe that these connections seem to be causing some sort of illness, disconnect, and hardships for my patients. If there is something troubling Spiritualists, I want to be an ally and I want to help. I want to help make this movement what my mother intended it to be, before her emotions got the better of her. She will not listen to the Spiritualists, but she may listen to me.  

Every conversation on this platform is subject to being monitored. It will be read and reviewed by me, and you and my patients need to know that. I will review the conversations to educate myself, on the different opinions that people have about Spiritualists, and what their experience is as well as what is happening to trouble them. If you are O.K. with this, please join in and be a part of the conversation that will hopefully shape the future of this revolution and our relationships with each other. 


Individual Attention

Atsolin Incorperated allows our patients to have the time and attention that they need in order to succeed in their healing path through our small group approach. We believe in keeping sector numbers low to maximize therapist attention and healing potential.

Fantastic Facilities

Each patient has access to the best possible education technologies in order to speed up their understanding of their disorder and neurodiversity. We believe this better prepares them to educate us on the healing path they want to take forward as well as show which parts of their condition are illnesses and which we simply don’t understand.

Life Long Learning

We believe in equipping our patients with the skills to be able to learn and grow for the rest of their lives! By instilling in them a method of analytical thinking, we believe they will be able to be independent thinkers and be on the path to better understanding themself and educating others in the future.